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Old boy sailing club, it is a composed of all the Chinese water best athletes professional sailing club. The club is committed to building of nautical sports, intelligence, sports, public welfare culture and interactive win-win platform. In helping to build a diversified water sports, plentiful experience at the same time, further play sports intelligence unique advantages, actively participate in major domestic and international sports events, and pass the public power.

Old boy sailing club headquarters is located in xiamen, the club from retired sailing, rowing athletes athletes, former national Olympic Games, Asian games champion organization. Club also qualify as the United States at the ASA sailing school in China, with the domestic and foreign various sailing, rowing, sailing school club in-depth cooperation, promote cultural communication by sailing sports. In addition to provide development opportunities for retired athletes, OP sailing training actively, for more boat dream sail power! Old boys' club combined with professional sailing craft and Marine spirit, the future of China's sailing as the focus of their career and mission. Convey sailing spirit, build Chinese sailing dream!

The club are now a member of shenzhen, guangzhou, Beijing, Qingdao, dalian, Shanghai and other places including the yacht, sailing, rowing, canoeing, motor boats and other water sports training and event planning.

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